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Are you looking for inspiration on what to pack for your romantic weekend away in the British countryside?

Well, building your love nest in your very own holiday cottage has never been easier. Whether you’re packing for the area’s award winning coastal areas, exploring the lush, green valleys or just after a cosy night in together on the sofa, here are some of the essentials that you will need on your trip.

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Record your romantic break

Have people compared you and your partner to Love’s Young Dream? Why not play on this statement by bringing those traditional times back? Pack with you a diary or a camera and photo album and record every step of your everyday adventures. Great when reminiscing together out in your private garden over a refreshing glass of prosecco. Who knows, it could also be used in future times at a special birthday or dare I say it, on your wedding day… Alternatively, you may use your phone to plaster your love nest and its special surroundings all over social media. A great way to make your many friends and families at home jealous!

As those stunning starry evenings, notoriously known in the countryside, draw in, what better way to celebrate than being in your luxurious yet comfy PJ’s and seeing if you can make out Orion’s Belt through your double-glazing windows? With house clothing high up on your packing checklist, continue the perfect evening by watching your favourite boxset on the widescreen TV. Forgot to bring it with you? Our extensive DVD library has lots of classic and contemporary films for you and your loved one to choose from! If you’re not wanting to get square eyes, why not bring a book or two with you in your suitcase to get those old romantic lines flowing? How can anybody resist a bit of Shakespeare or Dylan Thomas? Definitely one for those intellectual duos.

A little thought is worth a kiss and a cuddle

You know your partner better than anyone and the perfect way to showcase this is through a romantic meal. Everyone loves food, right? Make the most of the ample nooks and crannies as well as the plethora of pots and pans on offer in your fully furnished kitchen when constructing your culinary masterpiece. Food all cooked, set the mood right with the dimmer switches, Luther Vandross playing on the in-house CD player in the living room, freshly chosen flowers from the shop down the road and wait for your partner’s flabbergasted reaction as you place your delicious delicacies out perfectly on the large oak dining table. Now that’s definitely worth a kiss and a cuddle! Especially if you’ve both packed smart evening wear and are dressed up to the nines.

Remember the champagne and swimwear

Looking for a once in a lifetime experience during your stay? Your romantic retreat can provide you with just this! Because if you’ve always wanted to bathe in your very own private outdoor hot tub, just like in the movies, now you can. So, get your summer swimming trunks and swimming costume from the back of the wardrobe and immerse yourself in the most beautiful bubbles. The perfect accompaniment to a glass of chilled champagne and the ideal way to refresh yourself before the beckoning of bedtime.

Plan ahead to have the things you need

Upon leaving your love nest the very next day, what you’ve packed has to mirror what you want to explore. If you fancy a day at the coast and the chance to stroll those golden sands with the one you love, remember to pack the beach essentials; suncream, shorts, sunglasses and of course a bucket and spade. Your partner has always loved your playful side! Looking to really make an impression? Continue your cooking success with a lunchtime picnic made with tender, loving care from your self-catered kitchen. Sandwiches and strawberries in the wicker basket optional, a long, lingering kiss on the rug necessary!

Wellington Boots

Being nestled in the peace and tranquillity of the countryside, it would be foolish not to have a lovey dovey arm in arm stroll. Whether you wish to embark on a casual or challenging walk, you can never predict the British weather! So, although storms are seen as the most romantic of all weathers, you may wish to bring your anorak and a set of wellington boots just in case. Reminiscent of the time you first gazed into each other’s eyes at Glastonbury Festival!

Take those photos to record the events

Fingers crossed though that the sun is shining and the panoramic views you are immersed in are making you want to relive this moment for ever more. Take a photo with your phone or camera. Why not write about your adventures in your diary? Told you it was a must bring!


Whatever you decide to do whilst staying in your love nest, you must make sure that you’ve packed for the occasion! Although your countryside cottage has all the furnishings and fittings designed to make your romantic trip a home from home experience, the little touches that you and your partner bring will make the trip that even more special! So, what are you both waiting for? Get your his and her suitcases packed now and make the most of your romanticists dream. An amorous trip to the peace and tranquillity of the British countryside.

And if you feel in need of a little inspiration before you venture on a seriously romantic break, read about romantic cottage holidays.

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